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Start with your Sens'it

5 sensors, one button and so many possibilities

The use of Sens'it can change as much as you need. The only real limits is your imagination, so test your first Sens'it and have fun!

Measure and detect changes of temperature or humidity in your house, office, garage etc
Use the light sensor do detect when someone opens a box or when light has not been turned off in the office
Track doors openings and closings in your office
Detect when something you care about has moved
Use the magnet given with your Sens'it to build a personalized opening detector
Just use a button to send a pre-configured message on social networks or sms

Look at how the SIGFOX
team use the Sens'it on Friday

Easy and quick to start with

Select the sensor you want...
...or send predefined SMS
Keep track of your data on the interface
Receive notifications when necessary

A dedicated website to monitor your Sens'it

View the history of your data as curves.
Set notifications on different channels like Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.