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From the time the account is set up, users are allocated a username and password (hereafter "Identifying Information") so that they can access their private account.

Confidentiality of Identifying Information

Identifying Information is personal and confidential. It can only be changed if the user requests it to be changed, or on the initiative of AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES.

Users alone are fully responsible for using their Identifying Information and agree to make all efforts to keep their Identifying Information confidential and not to reveal it to any person or in any form.

If their Identifying Information is lost or stolen, users are responsible for any harmful consequences of this loss or theft, and must follow, as soon as possible, the stated procedure for changing it; this procedure can be viewed at (or sub-domains like

Agreement on proof

The parties explicitly agree that:

Exchange of information

Users agree to the use of electronic messaging to send the information they request regarding the completion or performance of the contract.


AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES, in strict compliance with current law and regulations, wishes to collect certain information. This information is collected in accordance with provisions of data protection law to give users an optimum experience of website (or sub-domains like

Declaration of the automated processing of named data to the French Personal Data Protection Commission (CNIL)

AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES, when processing personal data, has made the declaration to the CNIL under n°1837183, delivered on 2015, Feb. 18th.

Privacy charter

The collection of personal data does not make visible, directly or indirectly, the ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions or trade union affiliation, or data regarding the health or sex orientation of the people concerned.

User data are collected and processed fairly and legally for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, and are not subsequently processed in a way incompatible with these purposes. It is collected and processed in a way that identifies the persons concerned for a duration not exceeding the time necessary to complete the procedures for which the data are collected and processed.

Personal data shall only be processed by a subcontractor or a person acting under the authority of the data controller or that of the subcontractor, on the instructions of the data controller at AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES.

Data use

Users are hereby notified that the personal data marked as obligatory on the forms, which is gathered to provide the service described in these general conditions, must be provided in order to use this service; it will only be used to provide this service and is intended only for AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES and its clients, who shall take all necessary precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the security of the data.

Users authorise AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES to supply certain information to its technical suppliers so that users can benefit from certain functions of AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES website.

Users authorise AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES to pass on all their information to AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES's client partners when supplying the services offered by AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES.

AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES agrees not to use third party email addresses for any other purposes.

Any email sent by AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES to the address collected the first time the user makes a reservation will be related to the service outlined in these general conditions.

Right of access, correction and opposition

Users have a right of access and rectification over this data, which they may assert by writing to:

Users may also assert their right of opposition to the use of this data if they have a legitimate reason by sending a message to the following email address:


Users acknowledge that, generally and given the current state of technological progress, every time they publish information online, this information can be collected and used by third parties. Therefore, users shall not hold AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES responsible for any liability or harmful consequence of the use by third parties of this information exchanged using communication tools offered on AXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES website.